Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Zerrick 9 mo. old

Zerrick seems to be following in his Brother's footsteps! He is a stiff legged boy and I fear he is going to start walking soon - (his brother took his first steps at 8 mo. and really didn't look back!) Zerrick is pulling himself up on things and takes a few steps along the furniture; however, this little guy is still army crawling mostly and is just starting to regular crawl. I think he just wants to get up and run to keep up with his older Brother and Sisters! Zerrick is starting to be a little tease and have a slight stubborn attitude - which I'm sure he gets from his older Brother's example (not to mention his Dad). Although the dominate attribute that shines through right now is his happy countenance and his contagious smile! He his quite social and loves to be in the center of attention! I call him my hunk of cheese and love to squish those chunky cheeks!