Monday, June 2, 2008

Now that you have your Tax return, what are you going to do? We're going to Disneyland!!!

April 28 -
- May 2 =
Legoland &

We had a great time! We spent 1 day at Legoland and 4 days at Disneyland. We went with Mark and Angie and I think that really helped because they knew where things were, what to expect and what to do, etc. In talking to others who went during spring break (etc.) it sounds like we hit Disneyland just at the right time. We went Tuesday thru Friday and it was most busy Thursday & Friday. The longest wait we had was 45 min. a few times – the rest were more like 10-20 min. We got to see almost everyone’s top choice in the first day there, so the last three days were easy sailing. We planned the days out as best as possible the night before and that allowed us to see a lot of things quickly the next day. I was tiring but fun!

The tea cups were a must to ride - it was kind of like the "scrambler" which was one of my favorite carnival rides to ride as a youth when we went to the County Fair.

We saw:
JEDI TRAINNING ADCADEMY = where the young kids trained to become a Jedi and actually fight Darth Vader or Darth Mal. We were the first ones picked to go up on stage, the kids were excited! Jacob, Breanna, Kyle (all jedi attire) & Aubri (Princess Lhea) were all decked out in costumes. we chanted "Jedi Power" while the kids held up 1 sign each spelling J - E - D - I. (I took mostly video of this event - more to come later).

PRINCESS FANTASY FAIR = our 3 littlest pricesses went to this and got to see several of their favorites pricesses dance & sing, tell a story and take pictures with them.

ALADDIN PLAY PRODUCTION = Awesome! this was a full-on broadway kind of play (well, at least to me - I haven't been to broadway to know). Anyways, this was nicely done and a definate thing you want to see. I almost missed it because Breanna and I got separated/lost from our group w/o tickets to go into the California Adventure park where the Aladdin production was and we didn't have a cell phone to call Zac either. Zac & I finally caught on to where the other was waiting and we were rescued. we squeaked in at the last min.!

ARIEL'S GROTTO = The kids got to visit with and then take a picture with Ariel and then while we were served lunch 4 princesses walked around and talked and took pics with each table group or child. All the kids liked it! - Jenelle loved it because we finally got to see her favorite princess = Snow White. Aubri was excited too because she got to see Ariel & Jasmine = her favorite. Ariel told Aubri that she looked like her little daughter Melody. The kids had fun over all and probably paid attention to the princesses more than their food, but it was money well spent just for the memories and pictures alone.

Zac's Favorite character = Buzz LightYear - Zac happened to return from getting fast passes for us all just in time to step in and take a picture with his favorite pal!

BUZZ LIGHTYEAR RIDE = this was Kyle's favorite ride - he probably went on it 5+ times. Two of those times were basically right at closing time - 7:40 and then again at 7:55 (the park closed at 8pm but they let people go in to the line up 'til closing time 8pm. - so we sqeaked by again)