Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Party, Party, Party

January is full of Birthdays in our house! We actually have all the Jensen boys' Bdays in January: Jan. 5th = Zac's, Jan. 15th = Zerrick & Jan. 18th = Kyle. Crazy, uh?!!

Can you guess how old Zac turned?

(Hint: look at the cake). Zac enjoyed his Saturday Birthday relaxing, watching Football, playing with the kids, eating food, opening cool presents and eating yummy cake to end the day.

Argh Matey! Zerrick is 1 yr. old now

...Let's have a Pirate Party to celebrate!

Zac had found this fun pirate toy set that we decided to give to Zerrick (even though we knew the older kids would play with it more). I decided to go with the pirate theme to match the toy set. I also saw the neatest cake at Fred Meyer that totally matched the theme as well. Since I don't like spending $30+ on a store bought cake with frosting I don't like, I decided I would buy the accessory kit and make it myself. It was harder than what I thought, but I think it turned out really cute. Cousins Jaidyn, Kailey& Porter came over for the festivities and a treasure hunt. Grandma B, Cousin Lucy,"Captain" Willie (with parents respectfully) joined us as well.

Zerrick loved the cake! he was goaded on by uncles, cousins and siblings to get really messy - well the picture shows how messy! (I'm talking in the hair and everywhere!)

Kyle had a WEBtastic 6th Birthday! Spiderman Style!

Kyle had 6 friends and 4 siblings come to his party. I made a "web" out of string. The game was that they each got one end of the string and they had to weave and wind through this web to find the end of their string so that they could find a prize. I tied on the end of the string a goodie bag filled with spiderman candy, fruit snacks, balloon and other spiderman party favors. This type of game I remember doing at a party that I had when I was 6 years old. (I didn't realize all the coincidences until the day of the party). We also wrapped up the "out of control" superheros to try to teach them a lesson. The kids were excited to do this but it turned out to be a lot harder than one would expect. The TP kept breaking and they didn't know quite what to do - Breanna & Aubri ended up doing most of it. It was a cute idea anyways. We also played spidey says (like simon says) and also musical webs. I made some circles out of red & blue plastic plates and Kyle helped me draw spider webs on them. We played spiderman music while they walked around the circle. I actually drew a colored game chip out of a bag and the children standing on that colored web got a sticker. They all had fun!! On to the cake...I tried a new frosting idea with Kyle's spiderman cake. I had seen a picture that I thought was cool, so I tried to minic that. I made a couple modifications, but I think it turned out pretty neat. (it wasn't my favorite tasting frosting, but half the kids ate the frosting more than the cake, silly!) I got several spiderman things from the $1.oo store - including the poster. Cool uh?! We were going to play pin the spider on spiderman, but we ran out of time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Zerrick is 1 year old!

Wow! time does fly! I can still remember bringing Zerrick home from the hospital and thinking Wow! I have five kids! Wow! How am I going to do this?! Wow! this nursing thing is never easy! Little did I know how fairly easy going this little guy would be over all- besides the sleepless nights, a couple ear infections and a few colds - it hasn't been too bad! (of course that's what all parents say looking back, right?!) To show that it hasn't been all easy breezy, I'll tell you about Zerrick's stubborn side: Zerrick finally got two teeth just a few days apart from each other at about 11 months old. He has been Mr. Gumby for soooo long that it is weird to finally see teeth in his mouth! He also started walking! Really walking! He started walking about 2 weeks ago (anything before that was just falling with style!) I was quite surprised that it took him that long since he had been so stiff legged and would pull himself up on things at 9 months. Actually the day that he took his first steps I was telling Zac that I thought Zerrick would never walk because he'd just bounce every time you would try to stand him up. I figured that Zerrick was just exerting his independence and showing off his stubborn side. Of course as I was talking to Zac, that is when Zerrick decided to up and walk. He took several good steps and has been getting more and more sure of himself ever since then. He walks half way across the room now. Such a little stinker!

I'll have to write more later because it's late - but we did have a fun 1st birthday party for this little guy! I'll have to share more later! It was a Pirate Party - Argh Matey!