Saturday, December 15, 2007

Heart of the Valley Children's Choir:

Breanna & Aubrilyn both wanted to sign up for choir this year and we felt that would be a good experience for them, so they have been going there since September - once a week for 1 hr 15 min. I think it has been really good training for them! I'm not sure if we'll continue next year or do piano lessons instead. Breanna will be in middle school and I hear they have a choir there. So we'll have to see. We did end up getting a piano in December and I know Breanna really wants to learn piano! I'm not sure if we can juggle choir, piano, activity days, girl scouts & sports all together. So we'll have to see what gets cut out. We have tried to stick to one thing at a time but that rule hasn't worked that well this past school year. We've managed so far - but Baseball & Softball season hasn't started yet! Yikes!

Our "new" piano -- we looked around for a couple weeks in the newspaper and in craig'slist. I saw this one and I really liked the antique style & carvings! I was really leery, but it sounded good (tune wise) and in talking to a piano tuner he told me what good & bad things to look for in an old piano. I think I got a pretty good deal, but we haven't tuned it yet. After we do, I'm sure the piano tuner will say whether it was a "deal" or we're a "heel!" I like it none the less!

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MamaBear said...

Cool website bren!! I'm super impressed with all the cakes. I've been a slacker...I haven't made one fancy one yet. It seems so daunting. Next year...... The piano looks beautiful. Much prettier than ours, you did a good job