Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Long overdue update...

Ok here's a little update: I wanted to rearrange the typing because I actually started typing the Fifth paragraph first (not counting this paragraph), but when I brought in the photos it messed it up and I can't cut and paste to fix it. Frustrating! This is why I don't blog much...I can't figure out how to do something that I can do in another program or I work and work and then the computer freezes up before I remember to save it. ugh!!

This shows the mischievousness of Zerrick - he knows he is trouble, but he knows he's cute so he can get away with almost anything! Don't you just want to squish those cheeks?

Zerrick dumping corn on his sister's head without any prompting from anyone, just observing those around him. Poor 3 yr old sister gets the brunt of a lot of hitting and dumping from this toddler! The frustrating thing is that she doesn't move or anticipate Zerrick doing something, she just sits there and lets him keep doing it until I come and rescue her or she gets in his face and provokes his aggression - uuuugh!

Don't you love the face? This shows Zerrick's true character! the next photo shows it too - he picked up a little pumpkin that was near by and while I was trying to take a photo of one of his siblings, he threw the pumpkin into the watering tub that was for the duck races. Zeeerrrrick!

I usually see this picture...Zerrick running away from me. If I'm in a public place and I let go of his hand, he has no fear, he just runs - and he's a fast little bugger! (Even in rain boots!)

Yes, I'm horrible at keeping my blog updated, but I have good reasons! I wish I could capture the business that I have in most of my days. I told myself I really should start keeping a journal and just write down my daily schedule for each day - even the mundane stuff, because in years to come that may be interesting to my children to see what their mother did for them as a stay-at-home mom. My daily schedule is somewhat self-inflicted, somewhat friends or family inflicted, but mostly child-inflicted. More specifically 22 month old child inflicted. My almost 2 yr. old makes at least 5 messes a day and is constantly into something he KNOWS he shouldn't be in to. Here are some photos to prove it...

I took this picture after I quickly picked up the gallon jug of milk that was pouring onto the floor. And yes Zerrick is showing all drama because mom already said "Zerrick! Nooooooooo!" I was starting to clean this up like clock work (but begrudgingly) when I remembered that I had started this blog entry and thought this would be another great photo! usually when Zerrick makes a mess, I'm NOT in the mood to take a photo! I usually want to throw all toys, clothing, furniture (and sometimes kids) out the door!

Other messes of Zerrick's I did not photo journal...
- at nap time (several months ago) he took off his poopy diaper and threw it towards the door and then peed on the crib & floor. When I came up because I finally heard him stirring around (he is quiet sometimes!) I couldn't open the door easily and when I did, it smelled very stinky! I did the thing that Dave on the Chipmunks does "Zeeerrrrrick!" Needless to say, he wears onesies for nap time now because he can't unsnap the snaps.

- I let the kids eat dry cereal in a bowl and watch TV and this particular day the big girls were supposed to watch him, well, Zerrick was trying to fill up his bowl himself and dumped out almost a the whole box of cereal on the floor (a freshly opened box) ugh!

- many times at lunch Zerrick decides he's had enough food and uses the left over yogurt or milk as finger paint to decorate his highchair tray. This only take a few seconds and I'm in the kitchen too.

- My kids are sick of picking up after Zerrick...he will go play in his room, but that means dumping out most of the toy tubs in the room. Many times this has happen just after we spent time picking them all up!

- while the family was playing softball and it was his turn at bat, he hit the ball and then proceeded to run to 1st (with our prompting) and then when he got there he laid down flat on his belly and started to do a sand angel in the dirt (without our prompting).

- many a meals worn instead of eaten - including the food hairdo

Well, I think you get the picture: a typical toddler you say? I'm not feeling the love...of this! I think I'll be glad when this stage has passed!

Now at this point you may be thinking, "man doesn't that mother watch her kid?" Well, most of the time, yes. Many times I'm in the same room as him, but with my back turned and not suspecting anything (or hearing anything- he's quiet & sneaky), other times he gets into stuff that my older kids leave out that I don't know about yet, or he gets things I just don't realize he can get to. For example the milk gallon - he was scooted away from the table (because we've learned that) but I guess he was close enough to the table that he could reach over and pull his chair up to the table and then reach anything within 15in. of the edge of the table. Also, many times he's making a mess while I'm cleaning up another mess of his. I'm not trying to excuse myself, because definitely I can watch him closer, but I'm talking about every second I need to watch him and that gets very tiring! Also, I learn every time he makes a mess, I say to myself "OK, I can't do that again" or "can't leave that out again" - but he just keeps testing his limits - constantly!

Oh, did I mention that he can climb out of his crib and play pen so there is no real confining unit right now? He needs a padded play room with only his toys in it. uuugh!

P.S. while I have been trying to edit this entry Zerrick has climbed up to the kitchen counter to get a Vitamin bottle and opened it, he's hit his sister twice, dumped balls everywhere that were picked up in a bag, hidden the TV remote and he has done many things that has interrupted me and caused this to take way longer than what I planned! Yeah, this is why I don't update much. Sorry!


Los Bluemels said...

Good to know someone in your family updates a blog, (family being your immediate and Zac not updating LOL) You should be able to cut and paste pics, I think you have to view the html code and then the carrot a to the next carrot a (I tried to show the carrot signs but the computer thought I was doing code, what a joke, it's shift , or shift .) is a pic, just move the whole thing. Good Luck

MamaBear said...

that's great, bren! I'm sure you'll be glad you wrote that all done. Sometimes I feel like it's easier to watch the kids like a hawk to avoid messes and then shower, think, and do everything else when they're in bed! Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of doing that most days. Way too much to be done.

Hawaii Monkeys said...

bren you're funny. I feel that stage coming with Willie. I don't think he's quite as active as Zerrick tough. I would think it is super tiring to not be able to look in another direction than your kid; life is too busy for sure!

Los Bluemels said...

My sister-in-law brought her carseat in the house and buckled her toddler son in it at times. Maybe you could try that ;) Good luck.

Travis said...

I love Zerricks face on the tractor. It looks like he's just mowed over a cat and looking for the next one. He's a funny bugger.